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Toggle Injection Moulding Machines

This chain of generously equipped machinery is specially designed to solve all your quality and quantity problems, and hence is a prominent product offered by us. Taking an environment-friendly approach, the machine promises high energy saving to the user, followed by a low carbon emission. Using only the top tier technologies and auxiliary parts, the structure offers a high durability, robustness and hence, a long term reliability, with only little maintenance and repairs. Having a digital vision, the LCD controller is extremely user friendly, promising an easy operation with need of little or no prerequisite knowledge.  

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  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controller

  • PLC ladder program editor

  • Multilayer password protection amongst 30 pages display

  • Built-in 60 sets mould memory

  • 3 kind of variable operation modes over 50 alarm message

  • Production statistic function

  • Operating I/O diagnosis

  • Real time display

  • Independent PID control 

  • I Zone oil-temperature monitor/control

Injection Units

  • Nitrided steel screw barrel set

  • Injection stroke controlled by non-contact absolute position transducer

  • Direct hydraulic screw drive

  • Cold start protection for screw.

  • 4 stage injection control.

  • 4 stage holding control

  • 2 stage suck back, 3 stage charge function

Clamping Units

  • ​​​​​​​Clamping stroke controlled by non-contact absolute position transducer.

  • 4 stage opening control 

  • 4 stage clamping control

  • MotoriSed Mould height adjustment

  • Automatic centralised lubrication systems

  • Foolproof electrical interlock for machine safety doors

  • Multi stroke ejector 

  • Ejector stroke controlled by non-contact absolute position transducer


  • Special purpose servo-motor, pump and drive

  • Ergonomically designed and positioned hydraulic components

  • Large capacity external oil cooler


Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 1.35.19 PM.png


  • Hydraulic Core Pull

  • Air Ejector 

  • T-slot Platens

  • Hopper Dryer with Loader 

  • Anti Vibration Pad

  • Mould Clamp Set

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